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He dose. Omg!!

How do you say I Love You for the first time?

I love my boyfriend


Let me just say this!!
Cody and gigi are PERFECT TOGETHER and if you don’t like them what kinda Angel are you? 
If you are going around and thinking i’m going to marry Cody and really meaning it, you are crazy. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing cuz everyone has been thinking that, but like common, you and Cody will mostly never happand. I’m sorry but i’m tired of seeing all those comments about they are hating on gigi cuz she “took” Cody away from you. Just because she is fucking beautiful and fucking lucky dosen’t meen that you are going to send her hate like “i’m going to kill her, Cody is mine!!” and all that. Cody is happy and you should be happy for him. I’m not trying to crush you dream about beeing Cody’s girlfriend. Just saying you don’t have a chance, but hey maybe you will be the lucky girl😎 
I just wanted to post this to say Cody and Gigi are perfect and if you are hating on them/her you have never been a real Angel.

{sorry if there is something wrong and bad english here but i don’t speak english as my main language}
@codysimpson @gigihadid - i love you guys both💕

Perfect - Original by Cody Simpson

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Posted: January 10. 2010

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My alarm awoke me at 5:30am whilst it was still quite dark outside. The sun had yet to creep upon the horizon, and the birds, the wind and the town were all still fast asleep. I changed out of my pajamas and into a pair of floral board shorts and a baggy tank top. I then scurried onto the…


ocean shore
a blue hat
washed up
with a note
that read
hey mate
been a while aye
I am lost
but I am happy
met a woman
lovely smile
carved a board
from old koa
things are good
don’t bother
to come looking
you won’t find me
- cody simpson


cody simpson